Pica Pic

Pica Pic

Awesome collection of old handheld videogames


  • Lots of old videogames to try
  • Very realistic gadget images
  • Nicely designed interface
  • Easy, customizable controls


  • Games are very simple and limited


Pica Pic is an awesome online gaming platform that lets you play with a collection of handheld electronic games that were very popular in the early 80s.

If you’re in your thirties you may have played these in your childhood. If not, let me introduce you to Game&Watch, a collection of portable videogames that also worked as alarm clocks. Each of them was a different game (featuring classics like Zelda, Donkey Kong and others) and the real challenge was to collect them all.

Pica Pic allows you to go back to your early years as a gamer – or get to know these ancient little machines – in a Flash-based collection that gathers a bunch of them. The Pica Pic interface includes a bottom bar to browse the collection, and also lets you customize buttons to play.

While the games included in Pica Pic obviously don't compare with today’s videogames in terms of complexity or graphics, they’re still fun to try – a nice way to remember old times and get to see what the ancestors of videogames look like.

Pica Pic offers a varied collection of old handheld videogames for the nostalgic gamer!

Pica Pic

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Pica Pic

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